Find out why you should finance photo booth equipment.

Benefit from Financing Photo Booth Equipment

Grow a Business with Capital

Invest with Ease

Using our cutting-edge technology, we create custom approval amounts and payment terms to fit each applicant. This enables us to approve more customers for higher approval amounts. Customers can choose a payment plan that fits their growing business.

Financing offers a few (usually 3) options for customers to select. Simply put—lower monthly payments spread out over a longer time frame, or higher monthly payments with a shorter lease term. Customers can consider their budget, situation, and the amount of revenue they expect to earn from a piece of equipment to determine which terms will suit their needs.

Tax Deductible?

Lease payments may be tax deductible as a business expense. There can be some great tax benefits to leasing; if a customer has further questions, encourage them to talk to their accountant. Apply with soft credit check.


Submit your application to determine your approval status. This involves a soft credit check. Upon approval, choose a photo booth and commence your business immediately.

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