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360 Booth Expert

Beginner Metal 360 Bundle

Beginner Metal 360 Bundle

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In need of reliable 360 & photo booth equipment? Looking to provide 360 video booth rentals & photo booth rentals? Get the best bundled deal? 360 Booth Expert has over 10 years of rental experience. Creating these bundles were easy as this is the exact equipment we use at out events weekly. Learn from the EXPERTS.

Supreme Bundles are created for those seeking to start or grow photo booth rental business. All in one 360 photo booth rental business. You supply the ipad and choice of camera, instantly start learning the fundamentals, and get yourself out there. Network, rent, and make money. If you have a vision and want to get a jump start on your business but need someone to guide you? We can help.

Purchase Details:

✔️ 360 METAL BLACK Platform & LED strip - Select a platform size, 31 - 45 inches [Value of $3250+]

✔️ Logo Print on 360 Platform [ Vale of $250]

✔️ Logo Print on 360 Case [ Vale of $250]

✔️ Travel Cases for 360 [Value of $799]

✔️ Photo Booth iP PRIME or DIVINE  with 29" Monitor - Select Black or White & iPad Size [Value of $5500]

✔️ Travel Case for iP Prime or DIVINE [Value of $799]

✔️ USB & Wireless Ring Light With 360 Angle Ball [Value of $199]

✔️ iPhone Mount,Tablet Mount [Value of $399]

✔️ LED Studio Kit - 6 LED Lights [Value of $899]

✔️ Battery Packs - for 360 Arm, 360 Motor, & iPad Booth [Value of $899]

✔️ Red Rope Stanchions - 4 Post, 2 Rope [Value of $299]

✔️ 2 Circle Red Carpet [Value of $299]

✔️ Money Gun & Props Money - Make it Rain [Value of $49]

✔️ Disposable Stick Props [ Value or $20]

✔️ 1 Film Protector for 360 Platform [ Value of $99]

Production will begin on your order as soon as its verified with valid id. 2-7 days for production and powder coating. 1-2 days to prep for for secure shipment. All photo booths will require a signature upon delivery. Once it ships you will be provided a tracking number to secure a date of delivery. 

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Best For beginners or growing photo booth rental businesses

Photo Booth Equipment with Benefits

Professional Equipment

Use the same equipment as the Experts! Proven equipment to perform at live events.

Built for Longevity

1 year warranty coverage for peace of mind. $199 Per additional year.

iPad Photo Booth or Sharing Station

iPad booths can be paired with 360 to be used as a, "sharing station." Guests can watch their videos, email, text, or airdrop instantly. Another way you can use the ipad booth is a "social media sharing station." Brandable your iPad Photo Booth to stand out from the competition.

Portable & Mobile Friendly

Don't always rely on power at your locations. Be prepared for the worst. We supply batteries for all our 360 and ipad photo booth systems. Ensuring you power and fast set up. No more running long extention cords.

Complimentary Shipping

Save Huge with Free USA Shipping with all purchases!

Instant Access to Membership Portal

Investing into products is easy. The hard part is building a business you know nothing about. We have your back. All purchases give you access to all business fundamental such as pricing guides, services lists, rental agreements, app how tos, checklists, and so much more. Start a business with Pros that have 10 years of experience. Learn from our trial/errors and become a successful photo booth business with our guidance.

Referral Program

Refer a friend and receive up to $200 per referral.

Perks of Investing with 360 Booth Expert LLC

Receive Membership Access Instantly

  • Marketing Material

    Instantly download photos and videos from our live events. Brand your business name and look like an expert from the start.

  • Pricing & Service List

    Use proven packages that are consistenly rented out by our experts.

  • Rental Agreement

    Download the agreement that the experts use on a daily basis when booking an event with clients.

  • Checklists

    When your reputation is on the line we must ensure a successful event from the beginning to the end.

  • 360 Overlay Designs

    Don't spend time or money on designs. Access over 150 different template designs with a click of a button.

  • 360 Animated Overlays

    Elevate your videos with motions overlays. This is a next level video effect to excite your clients and stand out from the competition.

  • Training Courses

    Access videos courses instantly. Learn everything you need to know about the app, programming, designing, editing audio, and so much more.

  • Live Support

    Needing support? Feeling stuck? Lacking motivation? Have questions unanswered? Easily contact on of our experts for a quick solutions.

All Returning Clients Receive 15% off on Future Orders

Giving Back to Our Customers.