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XS Mirror Photo Booth

XS Mirror Photo Booth

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Investing in a mirror photo booth can bring a range of benefits, making it a popular choice in the event industry. Here are some key advantages:

Interactive Experience:

Engagement: Mirror photo booths provide an interactive and engaging experience for users.

Touchscreen Technology: The incorporation of touchscreen technology allows for an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


Sleek and Modern Aesthetics:

Elegant Design: Mirror photo booths often feature sleek and modern designs, enhancing the overall aesthetics of events.

Versatility: Their contemporary look makes them suitable for a wide range of events, from weddings to corporate functions.


Customization Options:

Branding Opportunities: Mirror booths offer ample space for branding, allowing businesses to customize the booth with logos and event-specific graphics.

Themed Experiences: The digital interface allows for versatile customization, enabling themed experiences for different events.


Instant Printing and Sharing:

Immediate Gratification: Users can receive instant prints of their photos, providing immediate gratification.

Digital Sharing: Integration with social media platforms allows users to share their photos digitally, extending the reach of the event.


Data Collection and Analytics:

Capture User Data: Mirror photo booths can be equipped to collect user data, providing valuable insights into user demographics and preferences.

Marketing Opportunities: Data collected can be utilized for targeted marketing efforts and future business strategies.

Space Efficiency:

Compact Design: Mirror photo booths are often more compact than traditional setups, making them suitable for venues with limited space.

Easy Installation: They are generally easy to set up and transport, facilitating efficient event logistics.

Entertainment Value:

Novelty Factor: Mirror photo booths add a unique and novel element to events, enhancing the overall entertainment value.

User Experience: The interactive features, animations, and voice guidance contribute to a memorable user experience.


Versatility in Events:

Weddings and Celebrations: Mirror photo booths are popular for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.

Corporate Functions: They can also be integrated into corporate events, trade shows, and product launches.

Minimal Operator Requirements:

User-Friendly Operation: Mirror booths are designed for easy operation, reducing the need for extensive training.

Automated Features: Many mirror photo booths come with automated features, minimizing the need for constant monitoring.

Competitive Edge:

Market Differentiation: Offering a mirror photo booth can differentiate your business in a competitive market.

Premium Service: Clients may perceive mirror booths as a premium service, allowing for competitive pricing.

Investing in a mirror photo booth not only provides a visually appealing and interactive experience for event attendees but also offers business owners the flexibility to adapt to various event settings. The combination of modern technology, customization options, and entertainment value makes mirror photo booths a valuable asset for entrepreneurs in the event industry.



  1. Choose XS Mirror Photo Booth in Black or White
  2. 40" Tempered Glass Face
  3. LED Triming
  4. LED PANEL (Dimmable White LED)
  5. Titl Capable Camera
  6. Camera Mount with Tilt Capability
  7. 21.5" Touch Screen Monitor & Bracket
  8. Built in Speakers
  9. Mini Pc i5 - Windows 128GB
  10. Flash Rod for External Flash *Flash not Included
  11. Power Strip
  12. Extra Screws
  13. 1 Year Warranty
  14. Red Carpet
  15. Free Shipping

Also Included:

Free Road Case with Wheels

Free Stick Props

AC Adapter

RGB LED with Remote

Fast Set Up 


*  Additional Discounts Not Allowed


Digital Photo Booth Bundle includes:

(Everything in the shell bundle)

*Canon T7 with 18-55MM Lens

*1 Year of Photo Booth Software (Darkroom Booth or DSLR Booth) *Photos, Videos, Gifs, Boomerang, Green Screen, Email, Text

*Backdrop Kit with Travel Bag & True 8x8 Frame

*1 Tension Fabric Backdrop with White/Green Double Sided

*2 LED Studio Lights with White/Color Dimming

*1 Set of Professional Props


Printing Business Photo Booth Bundle includes:

(Everything in the Shell + Digital bundles)

*Printer Stand

*Printer Cover

*DNP Rx-1 HS Printer 

*DNP 4x6 Media Kit (1400 Prints of Ink & Paper)

*Printer Travel Bag

*4 Post & 2 Red Ropes


With your purchase you will enjoy our 360 Booth Expert, Membership Service complimentary. Learn at your own pace by accessing our courses; understanding photo booth functionality, and get ready for an events. Our program covers various topics such as:  ideal booking, uploading and creating templates, editing and obtaining music, utilizing galleries, camera settings, printing options, and more! Additionally, we will provide you with a copy of the Rental Agreement, to help you maintain accountability with your customers.

Access immediately after purchase: 

  • 100% Access to Online Membership [ Value of $2999]
  • 100% Access to 360 Photo Booth Expert App [Value of $999]
  • 100% Access to Training Course [Value of $999]
  • 100% Access to Downloadable Template Designs [Value of $999]
  • 100% Access to Important Business Documents [Value of $599]
  • 100% Access to Rental Agreement Contracts [Value of $1499]
  • 100% Access to Exclusive Insider Photo Booth Community [Priceless]
  • Once a Month for a Year - 1 On 1 Mentor with an Expert [Value of $1499]
  • 15% Off All Future Orders [Priceless]
  • Exclusive Access to All New Photo Booth Designs [ Value Priceless]


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1 year warranty coverage for peace of mind. $199 Per additional year.

iPad Photo Booth or Sharing Station

iPad booths can be paired with 360 to be used as a, "sharing station." Guests can watch their videos, email, text, or airdrop instantly. Another way you can use the ipad booth is a "social media sharing station." Brandable your iPad Photo Booth to stand out from the competition.

Portable & Mobile Friendly

Don't always rely on power at your locations. Be prepared for the worst. We supply batteries for all our 360 and ipad photo booth systems. Ensuring you power and fast set up. No more running long extention cords.

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  • Marketing Material

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